Web Design

RFI Website Evolution

RFI Fellows Page

When the RFI Fellows program launch in February 2017 we were determined to create a dynamic, interactive web section to draw traffic to our site. I laid out the page as follows: The intro video at the top of the page provides an overview of the program and, from the “Meet Our Fellows” button, users jump to the lowest module, which houses profiles for each Fellows. Each profile includes a short video introduction. You can also sort between the Faculty and Community Innovation Fellows.


RFI Competitive Awards Page

The RFI Competitive Awards webpage needed a complete overhaul. Before it was nothing but text, and you could only view the funded projects through pdfs from each year. Now, at the top of the page, there’s a carousel rotating through images of past award recipients; This is more a place holder until a video is made. If you select the “View Funded Projects” button, you will jump down to the bottom of the page where every project is listed out. The projects are filterable by year and topic area. When you select a project, a project summary pops up, along with information of those involved, media mentions and contact information.


RFI Student Serviceship Page

Just like the Fellows webpage, there really wasn’t a RFI Student Serviceship page built out yet. We decided to create several pages for Serviceship: a landing page with an overview of the program and a page dedicated to the 2017 Serviceship interns. The landing page features an overview video at the top, a map of all the communities across Nebraska where serviceship students have been and information about how to apply for the next year of Serviceship. On the top of the 2017 Serviceship page, there is a feed of any news releases or articles that have been tagged as “Serviceship.” Below are profiles and short video interviews with each of the Serviceship interns.


Additional Pages

Before Fellows and Serviceship even had their own pages, Events and Our Team had there own tabs on the top navigation. We decided to consolidate About Us, Our Team, History of RFI, Events and News under one tab labeled Institute. To make finding and navigating around these pages easier, I added a simple navigation to the top of each page. The News page is a completely new feature. Before, posts could only be found as a bulleted list of links on the homepage. There were no capabilities for adding imagery or captions. The News page shows all previous posts while the homepage has a feed showing the three most recent posts.

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