2021–2022 Integrated Campaign

Lincoln Airport

As travel was slated to resume in 2021, the Lincoln Airport (LNK) was looking for a new advertising campaign to encourage travelers to return to flying and choose local when they did so. In Lincoln, most travelers choose to drive to Eppley Airport in Omaha (1 hour away via the interstate) since it’s often the cheaper option. However, those same travelers aren’t accounting for the stress of adding that travel time to their day—normally driving in the wee hours of the morning, showing up early to stand in line and dealing with a more crowded, chaotic airport compared to Lincoln.

Firespring worked with LNK to develop the new campaign, which aimed to infuse personality into the Lincoln Airport brand, convey the benefits of flying from a smaller airport and show that it was an option for more than business travelers. The end result is “The Airport for People Who Hate Airports” campaign embracing calm and ease of travel while also promoting LNK’s few destinations as vacation spots.

The campaign is featured across many media, from TV and radio spots to a digital campaign tied to both an owned landing page and one on Expedia.com.


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