2021 Integrated Campaign

Brownell Talbot

Brownell Talbot College Preparatory School, an elite K-12 private school in Omaha, came to Firespring for strategic marketing direction to drive enrollment and refine their brand messaging. BT had recently seen a downturn in enrollment and was challenged by having significantly higher tuition than most private schools in Omaha. However, they also stand as the only non-parochial school for families interested in a private education for their children.

The outcome of our partnership was the 2021 “Give Them the World” campaign, improving and prioritizing BT’s position as the school of choice for families who sought an education delivered through a broader, global lens. Firespring designed the campaign to drive more families to apply to BT after receiving this message.

The campaign was built around a landing page with two calls to action: to visit BT’s campus or download a free guide (“Five Advantages of a Global Education”) for more information. The campaign was also supported through visuals for BT’s social profiles and outreach collateral for prospective students and families.


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