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RFI Brand Guide

The Rural Futures Institute (RFI) brand guide provides context of the Institute as well as the framework for all executions of its brand. Working with RFI’s director of communications and PR, we created what we like to refer to as RFI’s brand bible. This handy guide includes RFI’s mission, brand strategy and identity, guidelines for messaging, deliverables and social media, as well as a breakdown of all of RFI’s current programs.

The physical size and binding is what really makes this guide functional. The book measures 8 x 5 inches, which feels substantial in your hands but compact enough you can easily fit it in your bag to take with you. The clear spiral binding looks sharp and clean but is also super practical. As a designer who would use the guide frequently, I wanted to be able to flip to any page and have the book lay flat and open on my desk.

Each section starts with a large horizontal photograph accompanied by an introduction. The following subsections are separated by bold green headers or solid green pages with knocked out type. I love how the green pages add a splash of color while balancing out the opposite white pages.

RFI plans to publish an updated brand guide annually to reflect the evolution of the brand and the Institute. The ample use of white space throughout the book lends to RFI’s modern, open feel but also gives the user negative space to add their own notes and ideas that could possibly be added to the succeeding brand guide.

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