Engler Entrepreneurship Program

The Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln approached me to create an easy to use brand guide that could be utilized by students and agencies they work with. The brand guide includes Engler’s mission, personality and voice, as well as guidelines for their wordmarks, UNL’s marks, colors, typefaces and other design assets.

Along with the brand guide, I was tasked with evolving their word mark. They wanted something that was modern, simple and included their brand icon, the flame “e”. We chose to create two versions, short and full. The short version can be used on most marketing materials when the audience is familiar with who Enlger is. The full version is available for more formal University documents when the entire program name needs to be displayed.

I also helped Engler streamline their typefaces. Initially, they were using several different fonts, but weren’t really attached to any of them. We chose Europa as their primary brand typeface with Futura as a secondary option incase Europa is unavailable. We kept Voltage and Arvo as display typefaces that can be used to add variation to posters, social media posts and other publications.


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