Thursday, Oct. 6
8 - 9:30 a.m.
Nebraska Innovation Campus
Conference Center
2021 Transformation Drive | Lincoln, NE
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Hank Bounds
Dr. Fritz's opening remarks will provide context and insight into the development of the four interdisciplinary institutes and her overall vision for their futures. She will engage the executive directors to describe more specifically their institute's desire to cross academic disciplines, how they engage with faculty and their ideas for the future.
The Institutes
The University of Nebraska has invested in four interdisciplinary, University-wide institutes—including the Buffett Early Childhood Institute, the National Strategic Research Institute, the Rural Futures Institute, and the Water for Food Global Institute—that leverage talent and research-based expertise from across the University of Nebraska system to focus on complex state, national, and global challenges.
University of Nebraska Buffett Early Childhood Institute National Strategic Research Institute Rural Futures Institute Water for Food Institute
NUconnections creates a space for faculty from all four campuses to meet and interact along with business leaders and policymakers. New faculty and those unfamiliar with the university-wide institutes who are interested in engaging in collaborative efforts are encouraged to attend to stimulate conversations and ideas. Complimentary breakfast and espresso bar provided by The Mill.
For questions regarding the NUconnections series,
call (402) 472-9510 or email