Wordmark / Flyer / Email


NUconnections, once known as Transdiciplinary Conversations, is an annual event for University of Nebraska faculty and administration to convene and create new and innovative relationships across different disciplines. With its new name, NUconnections needed a wordmark and visual identity.

Using the University of Nebraska Central Administration’s brand guide for inspiration and direction, I created the NUconnections wordmark. The four red triangles pointing toward the center are representative of the four University of Nebraska campuses and the four University institutes. The gold line art and red dots are symbolic of the connections made at the event and those yet to be made. The red NUconnections wordmark can be used with or without the underlying line art. To invite faculty to the event, I also designed an email and corresponding flyer.

If I could evolve this project, I would make a reverse of the NUconnections wordmark to use for projecting onto the event walls. With a red background and white type, the projections would have more contrast and could be easily captured in photographs.

NUconnections event held at Nebraska Innovation Campus on Oct. 6, 2016.
Chuck Schroeder, founding executive director of the Rural Futures Institute, speaks at NUconnections.

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