Web Design

Brecknock Hall

An elegant & modern website redesign

The challenge was to redesign the existing Brecknock Hall website. The primary goals of this project were to make the website responsive, use Brecknock’s existing branding and allow the site to feature all of the uses for the hall. I designed a home page, an inner page and a gallery page with corresponding mobile versions.

All of the images are black and white until you hover over them. This format creates a website that is elegant and modern, while also presenting Brecknock Hall as a historic, nostalgic place. I wanted the website to feel open and clean. Using solid white margins, the site is easily made responsive to a variety of screen sizes. Every page is one continuous scrolling page with sections broken up by Brecknock’s beautiful photography. The sticky navigation is always to the left, so the visitor can easily know where they are in the site and quickly move to a new page.


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